NY Mets’ Michael Cuddyer Challenges Fans for VA-Based Cause

Cuddyer is calling all fans to aid him in healing humanity, one home run at a time.


On October 30, 2014 at a fundraiser for Montero Medical Missions, Michael Cuddyer made a personal pledge to [MMM] founder Dr. Juan Montero to begin a campaign to contribute to their cause, which focuses on international medical projects and Virginia’s veterans. They are calling the campaign the “Home Runs for Humanity Challenge”.

“For every Home Run that I hit this year for the New York Mets, Claudia and I will donate $250 dollars. We feel that that’s a good amount to try and get our community businesses and corporations to match with us.“ Cuddyer, who is now a member of Montero’s International Advisory Board, stated.

Michael is now asking fans to join him in the challenge by donating or pledging any amount starting at $1 per home run. Baseball fans and MMM Supporters alike can donate 1 – 250 dollars each home run with ALL proceeds benefiting Montero Medical Missions and Health Fair for Veterans, their domestic subsidiary.

Montero Medical Missions creates sustaining projects for vision, dental, prosthetics, and burn care in foreign countries as well as the shipment of donated medical equipment and supplies to their current establishments in the Philippines and Mongolia. Their video showing a double amputee walking for the first time on donated and crafted prosthetics from supporters and volunteer physicians is starting to attract attention on their website.

Locally, they are known for their free “Health Fair for Veterans” event, which is held quarterly to aid veterans in addressing health concerns and needs, as well as advocating further research and development for Hyper baric oxygen therapy to treat vets suffering from PTSD and traumatic brain injury.

It was for these reasons that the former National League Batting Champion [2013] wanted to contribute.

“What a city and country we have! Those priceless moments [Cuddyer’s conversation] just make me strive to do more for humankind.” A grateful and excited Dr. Montero commented on the new campaign partnership.

Dr. Juan Montero was born and raised in the Philippines and immigrated to Hampton Roads where he was a general and non-cardiac thoracic surgeon for over 35 years before retiring in 2007 on his 65th birthday. He has since dedicated his time to creating sustainable healthcare projects in America and abroad.

-Be prepared for a lot of home runs: Cuddyer had a .331 batting average in 2013, hit 10 home runs in the 49 games he played during the 2014 season and is already drawing attention with his strong home run pace in spring training this year with the New York Mets.

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Baseball fans and MMM Supporters alike can donate from $1.00 -­ $250.00 per home run with ALL proceeds benefiting Montero Medical Missions and Health Fair for Veterans.


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