Mongolia Dental Missions Trip

After a successful missions trip in the Philippines we headed to Mongolia and what a tremendous opportunity to serve. We were received by Mr. Paul Thomas, the Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Here is the letter we sent Mr. Thomas thanking him for the opportunity as well as laying the groundwork for future trips. We detail MMM efforts current and future, enjoy!

Mr. Paul Thomas
Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Embassy
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Dear Paul,
On behalf of Montero Medical Missions and our Mongolia team to include Dr. Warren Sachs, DDS and Hygienist, Vicki Brett, I thank you and Erika very much for meeting with us last Wednesday, Aug. 6, ,2014. It has been a whirlwind, most productive 6-day week which concluded yesterday with a visit to Genghis Khan monumental statue and an authentic Mongolian BBQ hosted by the folks of the Mongolian National Federation of Disabled Persons Organizations at the countryside.
We made direct contacts and negotiations with all the names listed under Cc and signed an MOU with General Director Narantuya Bayarmagnal of the National Rehabilitation and Development Center with regards to our MMM Prosthesis project, specifically including the involvement of the private sector in the language. We were pleasantly surprised with such an impressive ceremony, punctuated with beautiful gifts.
There are five doable, sustainable healthcare projects that MMM can initiate with our partners here in Mongolia and whom we have discussed with. These are:
1. Eyesight 20/20
2. Dental Care
3. Prosthesis
4. Lions Medical Eye Bank of Mongolia
5. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy[HBOT]
All of them are very receptive. We appreciate much if you and Erika can help us secure or pinpoint some grant money through our U.S. Embassy/State Department. MMM looks forward to a close, long term relationship with our U.S. Mongolia Embassy and the Mongolia U.S. Embassy.
Best personal regards and wishes on your new assignment.
 Juan M. Montero,II,MD,FACS
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