Another Successful Health Fair 4 Vets!

The hallways echoed with voices as curious veterans were warmly greeted and escorted to faces of welcoming volunteers and doctors; who assisted them with a variety of basic health needs and connected them to organizations who advocate for the rights of veterans.Among them, the Lions Club, Concerned Veterans for America, Beach Eye Care, and many more.Dr. Sonia Aznar, MD (pictured right) who donated her time and skills in Psychiatry for HF4V and is a long time friend of Dr. Montero stated:

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 3.12.19 PM"We have veterans who do not know what is available to them."

"Montero Medical Missions gives them an opportunity through this brief interaction, giving them advice as to what they are eligible, and at the same time identify conditions that they do not present through the VA: they deserve that."Bernice Goreman, a 16 year Navy Reserve Corpsman, describes HF4V as "an uplifting experience".Take it from Bernice Goreman, a 16 year Navy Reserve Corpsman, who clasping her hands together and turning her eyes up to the halogen lights above, stated: "Coming here for dental and to see a chiropractor was an uplifting experience." After her disability dropped from 90% to 60%, she asked to have an MRI done instead of x-rays at the VA clinic and was denied. After her regular doctor approved an MRI, it was discovered that she had 4 herniated discs. "Also, women's health. As women, we need to be treated differently due to how our hormones affect our recovery."The mission of Health Fair 4 Vets is simply this: to aid veterans in equipping them with the knowledge of their benefits, assist with any basic medical needs and/or refer them to the Chesapeake Clinic, and connect them with an ever-expanding community of people and organizations designed to give back to our nation's vets.Now, MMM is on a quest to spread the knowledge about our HF4V program, because no veteran should be left to figure out their benefits alone. We are launching a campaign: #GETVETS.#GETVETS is a campaign that shouts for the acknowledgement of those that not only sacrificed, but still bare the scars of an invisible war. This is not a fight, but an advocacy; a patriotic responsibility. Therefore, we are sending out teams to locate and invite veterans to come to our free health fairs. This is designed for THEM. If they can attend (we provide transportation if needed) we will connect them with someone who can assist their needs. Then, as they exit our hallway, perhaps they will leave HF4V with a little peace, a new friendship, and a reerected faith in humanity.
*Contact us to find out how you can join us to #GETVETS