A $ 10.00 MMM Donation to Remember

Following our 'Free Parking' across the Bristol Motor Speedway--thanks to Toyota's promotion and Jim's driving his Lexus, we walked to find the South Gate entrance. When we asked a friendly acting white gentleman for directions, our hand-held sign: MMM Health Fair for Veterans caught his and his friends' attention. He asked if we are accepting donations and gave us $ 10.00 after our quick nod. Mark, who is also military, commented about my Mongolian hat and muttered Philippines. When I told him that MMM has an adopted hospital in Tandag, Surigao del Sur, Mindanao he quipped the word Cagwait. This is his Filipina wife's hometown, next to my birthplace town of Bayabas, 25 kms. from Tandag. He spoke in halting Tagalog and our dialect and said that they live in Virginia Beach. Figure that serendipity out !

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