Montero Medical Missions was created to provide medical missions and create sustainable healthcare projects for physicians and allied health professionals with international roots; to share blessings and healthcare with their fellow countrymen

Montero Medical Missions (MMM) is a non-profit, 501[c][3] tax-exempt status, faith-based and interfaith international humanitarian organization, wherein our belief in God is expressed in the heart of our actions and reflected in our deeds. We are dedicated to the promotion of world friendship through the universal language of the healing arts. MMM is committed to recruiting expatriate physicians and allied health professionals in the United States to get involved in medical missions, create sustainable projects and share medical knowledge in their respective countries of origin. Dr. Juan M. Montero II, who is an expatriate from the Philippines, has been involved in the creation of sustainable eyesight, prosthesis and dental care projects through partnerships with Physicians for Peace, Rotarians and Lions organizations. MMM Health Fair For Veterans is our quarterly in-country project, helping veterans in their healthcare needs.

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