Below are the rewarding results of our trip to Tandag, Philippines in 2014. With the help and aid of our volunteers and supporters, more people in need will also take their first steps into the next chapter of a different life.

The need for prosthetic services is in great demand throughout the world. Every year there are thousands of people who suffer the loss of a limb due to diabetes, vascular disease, cancer, birth defects, and traumatic accidents.

In the United States, according to the American Board for Certification, there are approximately 5,500 Certified Practitioners in the country, and only 2,000 of those, are Certified in Prosthetics. There is a shortage of qualified practitioners in one of the most developed countries in the world, imagine how great the need is in the rest of the developing world.

Our program creates sustainable prosthetic service in developing countries, by educating and training the local technicians, practitioners and other healthcare providers on appropriate prosthetic fitting and fabricating procedures. We work with the local government of the host country and getting the local public, private and other NGOs to take ownership of their Prosthetic Clinic. We will provide training from qualified prosthetic practitioners. We will teach bio-mechanical principles on the proper fitting and fabricating techniques of prosthetic devices, as to reduce the risk of harm to the amputee. Our program uses cost cutting measures to make the prosthesis as affordable as possible.

Program Director:


Michael Smith, C.P.O.


American Orthotic & Prosthetic Center, Inc.