International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB) is a uniquely influential group of global business and policy leaders who provide perspectives to Montero Medical Mission’s president and board. Members have a demonstrated track record of support for Dr. Montero, Veterans affairs, and International Missions.


Fidel V. Ramos
President of the Philippines, 1992-1998

Advisory Board:


Ackerman, Dennis
Former Director, Old Dominion University Entrepreneurial Center

Alvir, Rene B., M.D.
Urologist (Ret.)

Amato, Jackie
Towne Bank

Arney, Tanya, PhD

Asimos, Lois CMPE
Healthcare Admistrator

Bahagry, Samira, M.D.

Baillie, Jan
Baillie & Associates Wealth Management

Baird, Keith

Barnes, Michael
CEO of MRO Computers & Astronomy

Bateman, Fred, PhD
Former Superintendent of Chesapeake Public Schools

Bernd, David
CEO Emeritus of Sentara Healthcare

Bernduwe, Sevin, M.D. GYN
Oncologist (Ret.)

Brewer, Bob, M.D.
Plastic Surgeon(Ret.)
Churchland Rotary Club President(Jul 2016-Jun 2017)

Campbell, Bryan, CPA
Dixon Hughes Goodman

Campbell, Dawn, PhD
Faculty, ECPI University

Castleberry, Carolyn
Television Personality, Speaker & Author

Cheng, James
Former Secretary of Trade & Commerce, Virginia

Clare, Brian, M.D.
Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Philanthropist

Cochran, Rick A.

Colorina, Rob

Copeland, W.Buddy
Towne Bank

Creef, Pam
ECPI University

Cuddyer, Michael
Major League Baseball All Star(Twins, Rockies, NY Mets)

DaSilva, Miriam

Derhy, Marco
Founder and President at MasterHour Inc

Dey, Himangshu
Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Philanthropist

Dietrich-Hall, Vellie
Civic Leader, Entrepreneur

Donato, Marilyn
Nutritionist, Author, Civic Leader

Donato, Tony, M.D.
Thoracic, Cardiovascular Surgeon(Ret.)

Driskell, Candie
Executive Director, Access Partnership

Duenas, Erlinda, RN

Jessica Eturralde
TV Personality, Journalist, Entrepreneur

Falk, Joe
NASCAR Circle Sport Owner

Fitzpatrick, Rory

Frumkin, Ken, M.D.

Fuller, William
NFL All Star (Oilers, Eagles, Chargers)

Fulton, Jack
Founder International Boxing Championships

Golderg, Don
Councilman, Suffolk, 
Former Dir. of Economic Development Chesapeake

Greene, Janson
PNC Bank

Hall, David
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Civic Leader

Herbosa, Teodoro, M.D.
F.A.C.S., Former Undersecretary of Health, Philippines

Hong, Rose
Entrepreneur, Journalist

Horton, Keith
Towne Bank

Houck, Amy
Co-Owner DIA Inc, Marketing, Advertising & PR Company

Hussey, John
Humanitarian, Philanthropist

Hussey, Nancy
Humanitarian, Philanthropist

Korroch, David E.
Executive Director, Lions Medical Eye Bank of Virginia

Kouzmanova, Galia

Loxley-Barnard, Jean
Chesapeake First Citizen, Founder/Publisher “The Shopper”

Lee, Jun
International Entrepreneur

Lidasan, Nasser, PhD
Armed Forces of the Philippines

Marioneaux, Stephanie J. M.D.

McGourn, Joseph
Pastor, Humanitarian

Medina, Vince
Military Veteran, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

Montero, Dan, M.D.
Family & Sports Medicine Specialist

Neatrour, G. Peyton, M.D.
Ophthalmologist, Humanitarian, Philanthropist

Neatrour, Kristin, M.D.

Newsom, Roger, M.D.
Ophthalmologist, State Amateur Golf Champion, Virginia

Old, Kim–Entrepreneur

Olivieri, Vince, Esq.
MMM Legal Advisor, Humanitarian, Philanthropist 

Ona, Enrique, M.D.
Former Secretary of Health, Philippines

Palmeri, Lesle
Independent Marketing Consultant

Perry, Darren
Green Bay Packers Safeties Coach
Former Pittsburgh Steeler Safety

Phillips, G. Conoly
Former Councilman, Norfolk
Former Rector of Regent University

Pimentel, Johnny T.
Governor of Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Plauny, Josh

Pontier, Paul M.D., PhD

Powers, Ralph, DDS
Humanitarian, Philanthropist

Reese, Stephanie
Humanitarian, International Songstress

Reyes, Shei
DIA Inc., Marketing Advertising & PR company

Reynolds-Cane, Dianne, M.D.
Former Director, Board of Health Professions, Virginia

Rhee, Jimmy
Special Secretary/Minority Affairs Maryland

Rodebaugh, Belinda
Rotarian Civic Leader

Romero, Cynthia, M.D.
Former State Health Commissioner Virginia 
Director, Brock Institute EVMS

Romulo, Rodrigo L. C., M.D.
Infectious Disease Specialist

Rutkowski, Dick
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Instructor/Consultant

Sachs, Warren, DDS
Humanitarian Philanthropist

Samudre, Sandeep, PhD
Eastern Virginia Eye Institute

Sandag, Sainsanaa

Santa Ana, Coleen
President & CEO, Sentara Albemarle Hospital, N.C.

Saunders, Susan
Dixon Hughes Goodman

Singh, Amar, M.D.
Psychiatrist, Entrepreneur

Smith, Cyndi
Owner, American Orthotic & Prosthetic Center

Smith, Mike, CPO
Owner, American Orthotic & Prosthetic Center

Stredler, Mickey
Pharmacist, Humanitarian, Philanthropist

Sunga, Dario, M.D.
Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Philanthropist

Tan, Cheryl
Television Personality, Entrepreneur

Thornton, Katie
Head Coach Bowling at SCAD, Georgia

Troyer, Merv
Entrepreneur, Golf Courses
Humanitarian, Philanthropist

Troyer, Nina
Entrepreneur, Golf Courses
Humanitarian, Philanthropist

Truong, Linh
Entrepreneur, World Financial Group
Humanitarian, Philanthropist

Virts, Earl, CRNA

Virts, Paul, RN

Wallace, Guy
Executive, Cornerstone

Wallace, Maria
Civic Leader

Wallace, Peter
President, Chesapeake Sister Cities
Chief IT Officer, Chesapeake

Warusavitharana, Akalanka
Executive, CMA-CGM Shipping Company

Wells, Mogie

Wilson, Chance
Executive, Binchmark

Wood, Deb, N.D.
Founder Renova Wellness Center

Young, David, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon, Humanitarian, Philanthropist