How MMM Ignited our Passion to Serve, by Peyton Neatrour

Dr. Juan Montero’s invitation to travel with Physicians for Peace to his homeland in the Philippines to help with eye care and cataract surgery in 2011 ignited our passion as a family to serve where called in international as well as national mission work.

That same year, Montero Medical Missions was born and I was honored to serve as Doc’s vice president the first two years as we developed the Veterans’ Health Fairs locally and planned international missions while pursing our official 501(c)3 status as an organization.  The Neatrour family partnered with Montero Medical Missions to travel to Ghana in 2012 (via Unite for Sight), return to the Philippines in 2013, Fiji in 2014 (via Sea Mercy), and to Daquing, China in 2015.

The most recent local outreach is to the North Mattaponi Indian tribe to provide eye care and cataract surgery.  Dr. Neatrour’s family serves side-by-side in their missions including his wife, Leslie, a pharmacist; his oldest daughter, Kristin, currently an ophthalmology resident; Katie who plans to pursue a career in elementary education; and son, Greg, who is studying sports management and business.

We have grown closer together serving the needs of our fellow man here in Virginia and on the other side of the world and look forward to continuing our life long partnership with Montero Medical Missions to help others see.

G. Peyton Neatrour, MD

PHOTO ABOVE:  Neatrour family partnering with MMM in providing an eye screening in King William County for the North Mattaponi tribe in April, 2015.  Left to right: medical student Ed Nadimi , Sharon Sun Eagle who helped coordinate, Dr Neatrour, Chief Ken Addams, Leslie and Katie Neatrour.